Thursday, January 19, 2017

[Ultimate Guide] How To Play Soul Worker Korea OBT Now

Soul Worker is an anime action MMORPG which takes place in the Cloudrealm, a now vacant city which only harbors the psychics and a horde of monsters. Smilegate is publishing the game in both South Korea and Southeast Asia. It released Soul Worker KR Open Beta on 18th January, 2017. Though the game is developled by Korean company Lion Games. It had been released in Japan by Hangame. Its Chinese publisher is Shanda. It is a good news for players who can get into Soul Worker Korean server. Maybe there is a chance. Its English version will be online soon. Just stay tuned.

Anyway, let us talk back the topic Soul Worker Korea open beta. The intial released time is at 1:00 pm Korean time on 18th January, 2017. But its server got two times maintances after grand opening. Until 5pm, I got into this game. It is a long waiting.

How To Create Soul Worker KR Account

You can create Soul Worker KR OBT account by yourself. Please parpare one email first. Then follow me to setp by step to create Soul Worker Korea open beta account.

Step 1: Visit Soul Worker KR Registration Webpage  to get started. Tick 3 boxes, tap the orange button to access next step.

Create Soul Worker KR Account

Step 2: Input email, password, retype password and nickname. Highly recommend Gmail or Korean mail.
Create Soul Worker KR Account_1
Step 3: Ahead to email to check the verify email. Tap the verify link. Then create account successfully.
Create Soul Worker KR Account_2
Step 4: Logged in. Tap the Game Start. It will be directed to the verification webpage.
Create Soul Worker KR Account_3
Step 5: Asking you to verify Korean phone number or iPin. If you have Korean friends, ask help from them. If not, you can ask OBTGAME or other re-sellers to verify your account.
Create Soul Worker KR Account_4

Then we should consider how to download Soul Worker KR client.

How To Download & Install Soul Worker KR Client

Find the download link, download it from the site. There is no need to log in to download Stove Setup live file. So just follow me to download and install Soul Worker KR client.

Step 1: Access its download webpage here. Tap Downlaod button as photo.

Download Soul Worker KR Client
Step 2: Run and install.

Step 3: Installed sussceddfully. Stove icon will show on the desktop.

Step 4: Login with your verified Soul Worker KR account. Select Soul Worker game. Tap the Bule button to download this game.
Step 5: Downloading Soul Worker Korean client. If you can't download the client, get connected to Korea VPN services to get Korean IP address.
Downloading Soul Worker Korean client
Step 6: After download and installed successfully. Ahead to its official website to tap Game Start button to launch game. I highly recommend you to use Internet Explorer browser. Most of Korean online games are compatible well with IE.
Tap Game Start button to launch Soul Worker KR


Get one verified Soul Worker Korean open beta account, then install and launch game. Then all things done. If you get error message that you can't start to download client. Try to restart client or swith Korean VPN servers. If you have any questions on Soul Worker Korean server, welcome to leave comment.

Friday, January 13, 2017

How To Install Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea On Android and iOS

Dungeon & Fighter Spirit (던전앤파이터:혼) a side-scrolling mobile ARPG where players create a character from one of four classes and wreck havoc against enemies. It is available to download in Korea Apple store and Google Play store. Dungeon Fighter Spirit brings back the IP from Dungeon & Fighter Online to mobile platforms.

Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea

The game is launching with four classes from Dungeon Fighter Online: Female Fighter, Female Gunner, Ghost Knight, and Mage. To celebrate the launch, it is holding several events, which will be ended on Januray 26, 2017. Check more details here.
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Type: Mobile ARPG

Platforms: Android and iOS
Release Date: 1/12/2017
Official website:

How To Install Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea On Android

In one world, access Korean Google play store to install Dungeon Gighter Spirit. When you are living outside of Korea, how can you access Korean Google Play store? It means how can you unlock/change Google Play store region that you can download games from Google Play store without region locked. 

Follow guidance as following step by step.
  1.  Require Android 4.4 and later
  2. Ahead to Settings - Account to remove your Google Account
  3. Power Off
  4. Power On
  5. Turn Off GPS
  6. Connected to VPN service. Highly recommend FlyVPN. Get 14 days free trial VPN.
  7. Run Google Play Store
  8. Login account
  9. Access other region Google Play Store
 * If you still can't aceess other region Google Play store, try to unplug SIM card, then repeat steps above.

Install Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea On Android

How To Install Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea On iOS iPhone, iPad

Create Korea Apple ID to access Korean App store is the point. If you don't know Korean lanuguages well, please change Languaes into English. Then the regisration page will show English.

Follow guidance as following step by step.
  1. Get connected to Korea VPN. Highly recommend FlyVPN. It offers 14 days free tria. Once expired, you can test it for 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.
  2. Pick one free App to install. Then you can create Apple ID without credit card
  3. Choose create Apple ID
  4. Select South Korea as region
  5. Then input some required info. Regarind South Korea address, please use Google map
 * If you still don't get how to create Korea Apple ID, please refer to the guidance here.
Install Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea On iOS iPhone, iPad


Are you ready to play Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea on Android or iOS? There is no news about its western phase. Its Chinese version is on the way. But it is 2D. If you get error message when launching game, please get connected to Korea VPN to fix it. Worthwhile, VPN is helpful for ping. So when you are not living in South Korea, why not get connected to South Korea VPN to play Dungeon Fighter Spirit Korea from everywhere.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Soulworker Korea Server Open Beta is Upcoming

Soul Worker is a full 3D MMORPG taking the psychic as subject. SmileGate and Lion Games announced that Soul Worker South Korea server will start open beta next week on January 18th, 2017. Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar are the 4 playable characters players can choose, and there are 2 other characters to be added later.
SmileGate and Lion Games released open beta promotion trailer today. Watch it now.

Platform: PC
Genre: Role Playing
Publisher: SmileGate
Developer: Lion Games
Official Site:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Black Desert Taiwan Server Open Beta Confirmed

Pearl Abyss announced Black Desert Taiwan Server will enter Open Beta phrase on January 25, 2017.  Black Desert Taiwan server is the only one server run by Pearl Abyass in overseas. Players who bought Essential Edition and Luxuerious Limited Edition can play this game earlier. Buy Essential Edition can early access the game on January 18, 2017. Buy
Luxuerious Limited Edition can early access the game on January 11, 2017. 
Black Desert Taiwan Open Beta

Do you want to play Black Desert Taiwan Server earlier? Ahead to buy Essential Edition or Luxuerious Limited Edition. 

The game is not free to play. Players have to buy package to access this game. Players who bought Essential Edition can play tha game 1 week earlier, Luxuerious Limited Edition can play the game 2 weeks earlier. Players buy Standard Edition (it will be released on 11th January. The price is about $10) and invited to play this game can access Open Beta on January 25, 2017.

Will Black Desert Taiwan Server Open Beta Block IP Address?

There is no exact news on whether Black Desert Taiwan server will block IP address. According to the news on 17173, it won't block Chinese IP address and allow players who are living in mianland China can play this game. Regarding other countries IP address, the answer is no. Generally, 99% Taiwan games are not blocking other countries IP address except mainland China IP adress.

Anyone who don't know how to register Black Desert TW account. Refer to the guidance here. Then download Black Desert Taiwan server client to get started.


It is not a long time for players to wait this game enters open beta after close beta on December 15, 2016. Just about take 1 month to make this game into open beta phase. Though the game is not free to play. The price of standard edition is about $10. It is not expensive. I think tons of Chinese players will head over to play this game. Certainly, many players will get high ping. Get connected to Taiwan VPN to fix high ping. This is the most often used tool for online games. Anyway, hope you can enjoy the game!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How To Install and Play Club Penguin Island Outside Australia and New Zealand

Club Penguin Island is an upcoming mobile-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game which will arrive worldwide in early 2017. It is the rebooted successor of Club Penguin.Its pre-registration started on November 17, 2016.The beta started on November 18, 2016, and only selected players received invitations for the closed beta, only available through iOS devices. On December 6, 2016, the beta test period has come to an end, and all the players who were part of it will be able to keep their progress in the final game. Finally, The game was released in Australia and New Zealand on December 15, 2016.

Because the geo beta is only limited in Australia and New Zealand, players can only download Club Penguin Island from AU and NZ Apple and Google Play Store. You can't find the App in other countries' App store. So if you want to play this game outside of Australia and New Zealand, you can create one AU or NZ Apple ID to download Club Penguin Island on iOS device. 

For Android device, it is very easy to download the game on Android device. Just get connect to Australia VPN or New Zealand VPN to change Google Play Region. It is very easy. I will show you later about the steps to play this game.

Download and Play Club Penguin Island Outside Australia and New Zealand On iPhone, iPad

The App is only available in Australia and New Zealand App Store, so you should create one Australia or New Zealand Apple ID. Actually, create other countries Apple ID is very easy. What you should prepare is address, phone number and VPN. You can refer to this tutorial on How To Create Other Countries' Apple ID. If you still can't create AU/NZ Apple ID without credit card. Highly recommend you to get connected to Australia or New Zealand Apple ID by getting connected on Australia VPN or New Zealand VPN.
Play Club Penguin Island on iOS

Download and Play Club Penguin Island Outside Australia and New Zealand On Android Device

For Android users, they can download Club Penguin Island App from Google Play Store, or download the game Apk file from ApkPure to install. Generally, users would prefer to install App from Google Play Store  for security. Change Google Play Store region is very simple. Follow steps as following:
  1. Log out your Google Play account. Close Goolge Play completely
  2. Connected to VPN server in Australia or New Zealand
  3. Run Google Play
  4. Login your Gmail
  5. Search in Google Play Store, then you can find the App
*If you can't input Penguin display name in App, you can try to get connected to Australia or New Zealand VPN on PC, then visit the game official website to set display name.

Play Club Penguin Island On Android

Get Connected To VPN Service On Android, iOS To Play Club Penguin Island from Everywhere

As I stated above, when you are not living in Australia and New Zealand, you have to make a trick with VPN to pretend you are living in there. So we should pick one VPN provider with Australia, New Zealand VPN servers. BTW I am using FlyVPN to play Club Penguin Island outside of AU and NZ.  

New mobile users can get 14 days free trial VPN by installing its Android or iOS VPN App. Every new users can get the reward.
Play Club Penguin Island with FlyVPN


Play Club Penguin Island from everywhere with VPN service. What we need to do is to make a trick. But sometimes not all VPNs do work. Some users get connected on VPN, but no luck. Get error message like "Unknown error occured" or "oops! Club Penguin Islang not available"while logging in, or unable to input display name for IP address. Get Australian IP address or New Zealand IP address to play Club Penguin Island without geo restricted. BTW hope this game will be released worldwide as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Mario Run Launched On iOS Only

Nintendo released mobile game Super Mario Run on iPhone, iPad on 15th Dec. Super Mario Run is now available for iOS devices, not for Android devices.  So Android users have to wait for a long time to join in the fun. Maybe it will kick on sometime in 2017. 

There is no exact news on when Super Mario Run will be released on Android. So this give opportunity to some company who develop an App like this game for players who want to play Super Mario Run on Android device. The App in Google Play store is named as Super Smash Jungle World. Though the game is free to play, it is riddled with ads. 

Some developers have yet to extract Super Mario Run Apk. But it is a blank webpage. Just showing the apk file will be coming soon. Certainly, when this game is released on Android, this is a good way to install this game on Android devices for those players can't download the App from Google Play.

Do you want to play Super Mario Run on Android? There are two ways to reach. One is to install iOS emulator, another is to buy used iOS devices.

The game is currently available to download in 151 countries, but not worldwide. So players who are living outside of those released countries aren't download the game. Players can create other countries' Apple ID to bypass the restriction. 

The intital download is free. But after completing the first world, players have to pay $9.99 to get full access this game. Nintendo is taking a risky bet to require users to pay upfront. Many users are complaining that this game is not free.

Are you waiting Super Mario Run android version? Will you plan to pay $9.99 to buy this game? When will this game be released worldwide? Let us keep an eye on this game.

Play DMM R18 Version Game From Anywhere

DMM is a Japan-based electronic commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of businesses that includes online shopping and video on demand service. and are belonging to its company. In my mind, is for users who are under 18 years old, is for users who are over 18.
DMM R18 is only available in Japan region. Only users who got Japanese IP address are able to access its contents. Cheak Unblock DMM content from now on!

Users can buy e-books, games, mainstream DVD releases, and 3D printing on You can play R18 games on it too. Actually, DMM R18 is blocking IP adress. When you are living outside of Japan, you acces DMM R18 website. You will get the error message like "The service is not available in your region." But not all users will get this error message. 

Unable to reach for living in countries with strict rule about R18 websites.
Unable to reach

Access for living in countries without serious censorship on R18 websites.


For example. Some countries are taking serious censorship like China, blocking porn contents or R18 websites. So they will get the error or 404 webpage. When you are living some cuntries like United States, you can access the website without restriction. 

Whatever you get the error message or can't access the website, you can get connected to Japan VPN to bypass the block from ISP. It is the way to change IP address in seconds. In general, people can use the way to unblock content. Whatever you want to access R18, Porn websites, this way is still work.

Here I will show you what R18 games you can play from DMM R18. When your computer IP is not Japanese IP address, you will be directed to the link, it asks you to play R18 games on When your computer IP address is into Japan, you can access

Top 10 Online Sex Browser Games

Pussy Saga

CrushCrushMoist & Uncensored

Millennium War Aigis

Flower Knight Girl

Peropero Seduction

Dragon Providence


Idol Wars Z

Brave Gril Ravens XR

Harem Heroes

Top 5 Mobile Games

Dragon Providence

Osawari Island Mobile

Harem Heroes

Idol Wars Z

Girls Kingdom

For mobile users get connected Japan VPN on Android or iPhone device to get japanese IP address with VPN Apps. You can get 14 day free Japan VPN with FlyVPN Apps.

Top 10 Downloadble Games

Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque

Koihime Musou

Ghost Townn Gunsweeper

Sakuar Dungeon

Demon Master Chris

Pricess Evangile

Sakura Nova


Cum On! Bukkake Ranch!


Whatever you want to play mobile, browser, downloable games on DMM R18 from everywhere, you can get connect to Japan VPN to bypass geo restricted. Unlock contents on DMM R18 from now on!