Thursday, January 29, 2015

Singapore VPN For Playing Asian Game Servers

Millions of online gamess located Asian servers in Singapore like DOTA 2 and Kingdom Under Fire 2 that many players who are living in Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India get high ping for physical distance. There are two ways. One is take a plane to Singapore. Another is use tool to change IP into Singapore. I think 99% players will choose the second solution. Anyway, the tool is Singapore VPN. Users can connect to Singapore VPN server and then your computer will get a Singapore IP address. If you are looking for VPN to Singapore, this article can help you.

Download Singapore VPN Client and Connected Singapore VPN in Windows

Firstly, we should know where we can download Singapore VPN client. If you have found Singapore VPN provider, I think you know the way to download it. If not, follow me to process. For online games, Change IP frequently is not safe. Maybe your account will be locked for IPs consistent. So gamers must choose VPN provider carefully. Select servers with serveral IPs or 1 static IP. I know one VPN provider providing several Singapore VPN server with 2 IPs. If you want to get static IP, you can check IP address before accessing game. If the same IP address as last time, go ahead. If not, disconnect and reconnect again till get the same IP address as before. BTW it is offering Singapore VPN for free trial. So players can test ping before purchasing. Get Singapore VPN for playing Asian game servers now.
  • Download Singapore VPN client. Install and run the software. Which can compatiable with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • If you have its paid VPN account, login with yourself account. If not. input trial VPN account and password. The username is "vpnu". For the password, obtain latest password on Whatever you are searching terms "Singapore VPN Free", "VPN Singapore Free", "Singapore VPN Trial", "Free Singapore VPN" or other similar terms. The trial version is good for you though you can use it all day. In my mind, there isn't free bread in the world. If you can find, be careful
  • Once login, read tutorial about how to use Singapore VPN client
  •  After read tutorial carefully, I think you are connected Singapore VPN in Windows
Connected Singapore VPN in Windows
Connected Singapore VPN in Windows
Whatever you are looking for PPTP, L2TP, IPSec or OpenVPN Singapore VPN, this article will help you. Its singapore VPN servers can support those three VPN protocols. BTW if you want to use it on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/pad or Mac OS X. Go ahead.
Connect to Singapore VPN to play Asia game servers for reducing latency or hiding real IP address to breake physical distance and artificialcensorship.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Play Kancolle Collection On Mac OS X From Abroad

Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん), abbreviated as KanColle (艦これ KanKore), is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game developed by Kadokawa Games. The lates update was on January 23rd, 2015. All servers of this game are full that other guys can't login. But there are still millioins of players would like to play this game. I found some users who asked me how to play Kancolle Collection on Mac from abroad. Because only Japanese IP address can access the webpage of DMM online games. If you are living outside of Japan, you have to find way to get Japan IP to bypass the limitation. The solution is VPN. What we have to get is Japan VPN which can change IP into Japan in second. Get Japan VPN now to play Kancolle now. I have wroted a tutorial about how to play Kancolle outside of Japan on PC. If you are interested in it, go ahead.
Unable to reach Kancolle Collection Page From Abroad
Unable to reach Kancolle Collection Page From Abroad

Install Japan VPN for Mac OS X

You can find many VPN providers with Japan VPN servers and most of Japan VPN services need to pay for it. But if you wan to get Japan VPN for free is very difficulty. Because many VPN providers don't provide Japan VPN server in test account. I don't know which one VPN provider is most suitable for you. But I think every user should test VPN perfermance in your side before purchasing. I recommend you to use FlyVPN, including free trial Japan VPN server. Users can test it everyday. BTW there are about 11 servers in Japan. If you want to install free Japan VPN for Mac OS X. Follow instructions below.
Alternative 1
  • Access in Safari browser(If you are living in China, you can only reference alternative 2 to install Japan VPN on Mac).
  • Tap "Register" to create an account.
  • Tap "VPN Servers"
  • You will see trial VPN servers list. There are two free trial accounts. The first one is "vpnc", another is "vpnu".
  • Click the "Setup" of Japan 10, Japan 04 or Japan 02. 
  • Install VPN profile. Follow steps as instructions to procee.
  • Once done, go to "Perference System"  - "Network". You can see Japan VPN connections (PPTP and L2TP). Choose one to connect.
*Once disconnected, please visit to reinstall VPN profile. Because its trial version, the password is dynamic, once the password on changed, users have to reinstall VPN profile.
* If you want to remove the profile, please go to "Perference System" - "Profile" to remove FlyVPN description profile.
Alternative 2
Connect Japan VPN on Mac
Connect Japan VPN on Mac

Unlock DMM IP Restriction On Mac OS X From Abroad

I have noted that DMM only allow Japan IP session to reach Kancolle Collection. So we have to unlock DMM IP restriction. I have wrote the way above to get Japan VPN on Mac OS X. I think you will get the point. Connect to Japan VPN on Mac OS X now to play it from abroad now.
 If you are really like to play Japanese games and watch Japanese anime videos. The necessary tool is Japan VPN for guys outside of Japan.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Connect Free Trial VPN on Mac for Online Games

Connect Free Trial VPN on Mac for Online Games
Connect Free Trial VPN on Mac for Online Games
More and more games support Mac OS X. So many players are looking for ways to reduce ping or bypass IP restriction for playing online games. Firstly, the features must meet the mini system requirements. Certainly, if your Mac can meet the recommended system requirements. I think the performance will be better. Secondly, the physical distance between your location and the server of the game is the key for ping. The only way we can fix the ping and bypass IP restriction is VPN/Proxy, which can change IP in seconds and reduce lag on Mac for online games. Configure VPN on Mac is very simple if you have bought one VPN account. If you are using free VPN service, you have to find VPN required info to configure VPN on Mac. Such as VPN server address, account, password or client. I would like to share the trial VPN on Mac for people who want to test ping for online games. Read guidance as follows.
a. Go to "System Preferences" - "Network" - "+" - "VPN" - "PPTP"
b. Regarding the service Name, you can input what you want.
c. Server address ( Provided by VPN provider ).
d. Account Name ( Provided by VPN provider or yourself VPN account ).
e. Tap "Authentication Settings", then input your VPN password.
f. Click "Advanced", then tick "Send all traffic over VPN".
g. Tap "Apply" to confirm all settings configured.
h. Click "Connect".
i. Done.
If you can't get me, please check picture&text tutorial about PPTP VPN on Mac.
I think most of guys would like to test VPN performance before purchase. So if you want to use trial VPN for Mac. I will list required info below. BTW the trial VPN provider is FlyVPN. It is offering trial VPN accounts and password everyday on
Server Address: Check FlyVPN trial VPN server address now.
Account Name: vpnu or vpnc ( Please reference the link above of FlyVPN trial VPN server address).
Password: Obtain latest password on
Whatever you want to install USA, Korea, Japan, Germany, UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore or Australia VPN on Mac. This article is helpful for you. The key is you can use those trial VPNs for free. If you have high ping during playing online games, try to connect free trial VPN on Mac now.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Play League Of Legneds Philippines Server Outside Philippines

League of Legends (LoL) is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is a free-to-play game, supported by micro-transactions. By July 2013, the game has been released and was distributed in Korea, Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe, Philippines, South Korea and China. I heard many players want to play LOL Korean server but hard to get Korean LOL account. Today I want to talk about how to play League of lgends Philippines servers from abroad for it only allows Philippines IP address to access. How can we bypass League of Legends Philippines from abroad. The answer is Philippines VPN.
League Of Legend PH
League Of Legend PH

How Can We Get Philippines VPN/Proxy?

VPN is a tool which can fake IP address around the world while connecting different countries' VPN servers. It means that you connect to PH VPN server, you can get Philippines IP address. The same principle for other countries' servers. I suggest you to use FlyVPN. It is a professional game VPN. The specific traffic via VPN and Custom routing table via VPN features delevoped for online games. As I know that, it is good for reduce ping. Also there are many other VPN providers which are providing PH servers. But I suggest you to test before purchasing. Let me show you how to use free trial Philippines VPN on PC now.
  • Download FlyVPN client on Two versions listed. If you want to use advanced features, please download pro version. 
  • Install and run the client.
  • Type VPN username and password. The trial VPN account is "vpnu" for Philippines server. Regarding its password, obtain here: Please do login with vpnu, there is no PH server in vpnc account.
  • Tap "Asia" button, you can see PH server. Click the server, then tap "Connect" button. 
  • After connected, check your IP address. Then you will find your have got Philippines IP address. 
Philippines VPN Server in FlyVPN trial account
Philippines VPN Server in FlyVPN trial account
It is very easy to bypass the restricton of League of Legend PH server with Philippines VPN.

Bypass LOL PH Server Now From Abroad

I have noted that players live outside of Philippines can't access LOL PH server for IP limited. So what we can do is using Philippines VPN. Connect to Philippines VPN server is the key to play LOL PH server from abroad. If you have not find good Philippines VPN services, reference paragraphs go to test with the trial version. BTW visit page to get started.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Play Dying Light Earlier With USA VPN On PC

Dying Light is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is set to be released on main platforms on January 27, 2015 in North America, and in Europe on January 30, 2015. But Dying Light physical release delayed in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. According to a statement on the game’s official Facebook page. the realesed date of physucal copies is undetermined date. I think most of players will choose to buy digital key to play Dying Light earlier. Players live in EU have to wait more 2 or 3 days to play this game. This game will be available to pre download at 12:00 AM (US/Pacific) on Jan 27, 2015. If you want to pre download this game earlier, connect to USA VPN on PC to unlock this game earlier. As I know steam doensn't block players who unlock game earlier, but block players who buy cheap games from other countries' store with VPN. So take it easy.
Let us check release date of this country in different countries as follows:
Country                     Relaese Date
United States             1/27/2015
France                        1/29/2015
United Kingdom        1/30/2015
Italy                            1/30/2015
Spain                           1/28/2015
Mexico                        1/27/2015 
Australia                     1/28/2015  
Access to check the release date in yourself country.
Dying Light
Dying Light

Unlock Dying Light Earlier Starting Jan 27 On PC

As stated release date above, we can know that players who are living in United States can play this game earlier. So if you want to play this game earlier, we have to find ways to get US IP address that we can pre download this game earlier.

Get US IP Address To Pre Download Dying Light Earlier

Once pre purchased, it will show the available date of downloading. Log out your steam, then connect to USA VPN Server to get US IP address on PC. Before login your account, please check whether you have gotten USA IP. If yes, login your steam account, then you will find the available date changed. You can play this game earlier. There are many free VPN services providers are providing US proxy for free. If you haven't found, you can try to use FlyVPN. It is offering free trial VPN accounts everyday, including US VPN servers. It is simple to use it on Windows. Downlaod software, then input trial account and password. If you don't know how to use it, check tutorial on

Unlock Dying Light Earlier In EU

 I think a bunch of EU players are would like to play this game earlier. Most of players will use VPN service to unlock it earlier. I have listed way above to get US IP address, follow instructions above. Check guidances briefly as follows:
1. Pre-download Dying Light Client.
2. Once done, please log out Steam or other platforms account. Must close the application completely via Task Manager.
3. Connect to USA VPN Server to get US IP address.
4. Once got US IP, Run your game and play this game on Jan 27, 2015.


The key for unlocking this game is US VPN. It is very easy to get fake IP address via VPN service. If you haven't heard this, I think you are not a professional players. Millions of players used this way to play BF, Titanfall, SIMS4, Halo...etc games earlier with VPN. In one word, let us play Dying Light earlier with USA VPN on PC starting from Jan 27, 2015.

Friday, January 16, 2015

[How To] Play Touken Ranbu on DMM From Abroad

DMM, home of the famous Kantai Collection game. Kantai Colletion is very famous around the world. Amost all servers are full every day. Users have to wait for a long time until access game. DMM paired up with Nitroplus and released a new browser game as Kantai Collection but the mainly market of Touken Ranbu is Femal players. DMM only allow usres have a Japanese IP address to access its games, online video and other resources. If you don't have Japanese IP address, you will get error. I have wrote the details about how to play Kantai Collections from abroad. You can know how to register account on DMM from that article. There are three ways you can play Touken Ranbu from abrod. It is VPN/Proxy and change DMM cookie. If you are living outside of Japan, you will be redirect to and can't access this game forever. Please check error message as below.
Error message when you access from abroad
Error message when you access from abroad
Official Website:
How to get: Japan VPN/Proxy or change DMM cookie.

Option 1: FlyVPN

Visit FlyVPN website to download VPN client. There are two versions. Once is lite, another is pro. Suggest you to download Pro version. More advanced features included. Install and run the VPN program. Then input FlyVPN username and password. If you don't have premium account, you can test with its trial VPN accounts. Obtain trial account and latest password on Then you will find Japan VPN server under "Asia" tab. There are some limits for trial version. Users can only use the trial service for 20 minutes each time, 3 times per day. If you want to break the limitations, you have to buy its paid VPN service.  10 Japan VPN servers in Preimum account, you can select fastest one to use. If you don't know how to use it on Mac, Windows, iOS and android, you can check tutorial on its official website. There are many tutorials about how to use it on multiple OS.

Option 2: Edit DMM Cookie's Region Flag

  • Log into
  • Switch the language of the site from English to Japanse at the top of the site.
  • I am using Google Chrome. So I will show you how to edit DMM Cookie. Right Click - Inspect element - Console. Please reference photo as follows.
  • Paste following sentences into "Console" and Press Enter button.
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";
Edit DMM Cookie's Region Flag
Edit DMM Cookie's Region Flag
Once login, follow the steps by step. Let me show you some screenshots of my experience. If edit DMM cookie doesn't work for you, the only way is connected to Japan VPN.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[Tips] Top 4 Free VPNs For Online Games in 2015

There are millinons of online games released by publisers every year. At the same time, billions of players involve to play games. Generally, If you are living in United States and want to play Korean games, the speed is very lag. Also internet speed around the world is different. I just checked post about internet speed around the world from here. According to the database from the post. Players who are living in Hong Kong can enjoy 84.6MB internet speed. WoW, it is so fast. But if you would like to play other countires' servers, the speed will be slowly. Many factors are affecting the ping/lag. Most of guys are looking for ways to fix ping. The answer is VPN/Proxy. Briefly, it can help you to reduce ping/fix latency, hide IP and change IP play online games. Tons of paid and free VPN providers you can choose to use. But as I know, the speed of free VPN is not very well. If you want to get fast speed, suggest you to buy paid VPN service. I don't want to introduce paid VPN service provier today. I will list some free VPN providers for online game later.

1. FlyVPN
Though it is not absolutely free VPN service provider. Many players are using its free trial version to unlock game earlier, activate other countries' game or buy chaep games from other region origin store. BTW, it is providing many countries' VPN servers in trial VPN accounts. Such as USA, Korea, China, Japan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and so on. Check more details about trial VPN info now. Its specific traffic via VPN and custom routing table features are suitable for online games. You can read tutorials on its official website.

2. VPNGate
SoftEther Corporation is a Japanese software company. It was founded as an industry-academia-government venture in April 2004 by University of Tsukuba students. VPN Gate is external Project cooperating with University of Tsukuba. Users can use its service for free. If your network is very well, I think VPNGate is fine for you.

It is a Chinese VPN prvider. It is proving China and US VPN servers in its trial account. But the guy don't have English version, just website in Chinese language. You can use Google translator to read  info on its website. If you want to play Chinese or US online games, you can test with its trial account.

4. VPNBook
It has no volume limitations and provides you with login information on its website that you can use to set up a connection to one of the servers listed there without account creation. You can check account info under free VPN table. There are some EU, USA, UK and CA servers for trial. Regarding the speed, please test by yourself.
So many free VPN providers you could find in Google. I don't want to list too many. You can input serch terms as "free VPN", you will got thousands of results. If you want to protect your privacy well, I don't recommend you to use free VPN services. If you don't care, go ahead.
Regarding online games, let us fix ping with VPN now. Pick out fast VPNs for games. If you do want to find free VPN service, I think options above are your choices. If you do want to get better experienc during playing online games, connect to best VPN for game. If free VPN are not enough fast for your games, please do remember to test ping before investing money or find reliable VPN providers.