Thursday, July 30, 2015

How To Download and Play Chinese Archeage

ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by Korean developer Jake Song.  Tencent Games has plan to launch this game on August 6. Learge numbers of Chinese players are waiting it. It is not a long time for Western fans if you noted the time waited by Chinese players. But not everyone can join the closed beta(don't delete file test) for requiring activation code. Users must get an activation code to activate their accounts. You can check the ways to win activation code here . I think many players who are living outside of China are interesting to play Chinese Archeage, especially, some Asian guys. If you have got one activation code, you can activate your account on after inputting CD key, selecting region and typing activation code. If you can't get code, wait a while. Maybe this game will enter open beta sooner.
Chinese Archeage

Download and Install Chinese Archeage Client

 Before downloading Chinese Archeage client, you must check your computer features first. I will attach this games' mini system requirements later.
Chinese Archeage Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit), Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo / AMD AthlonII X2
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 40GB of free Space
Video Card: GT520 / Radeon HD 4650, DX 9.0C/DX11

Chinese Archeage Download link: (including 7 files)
 Click the first button to download Archeage installer as photo. Don't recommend you to click other buttons to download client for requiring to download other software or purchasing product.

Play Chinese Archeage From Abroad

Generally, there are no IP block for Chinese games. So if your network is very well, you can play Chinese Archeage. But first, you should get one QQ account. If you don't know how to register QQ account, please refer to this tutorial here. Actually, if you are not living in China, the download speed is very slow for physical distance and international network. I tested to connect to USA VPN to download the client, wait for a long time, but no speed. If you want to download the client faster or reduce ping, you can try to connect to China VPN. FlyVPN is the best China VPN providers for offering more than 20 Chinese VPN servers. It is also providing some trial China VPN servers in its trial accounts. Just download its client on your PC, install and run it. Then login with vpnu or vpnc, check latest password on It is very easy to use the trial VPN. Let us check how many Chinese VPN servers you can use in FlyVPN subscription.
Chinese VPN Servers in FlyVPN Subscription
Chinese VPN Servers in FlyVPN Subscription


Whatever you are planning to play the closed beta or open beta of Chinese Archeage. I think this article is very helpful for you. Some players are searching how to install Chinese Archeage, I think they can find the solution in this article. Ping is normal during play other countries' games. What we can do is fixing lag. VPN is the most often used way to reduce ping. If you are looking for best China VPN for Chinese games, why not try FlyVPN.

Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Play Tree Of Savior KR CBT 3rd

Tree of Savior(트리 오브 세이비어) is a MMORPG game currently developed by IMC Games in Korea. Its CBT3 is around the corner, starting from July 30 to August 9. Do you want to play TOS CBT3? I think most of MMORPG fans are waiting the OBT of this game. Because most of Korean games require to register with iPin or KSSN. For CBT phase, some games request to verify with Korean phone number. Same as TOS. Let me show you how to play Tree of Savior CBT 3rd.
TOS CBT3 Time: 7/30/2015 2pm - 8/9/2015 11:59pm
Tree Of Savior
Tree Of Savior

Get Verified Email and Korean Phone Number KR Nexon Account

If you have korean friends, you can ask your friend to create account to you and verify his phone number. If not, you have to find way to buy verified account. Generally, there are two kinds of Nexon account. One just verified Email. Players can use it to play most of Nexon games but limited OBT phase. Another verified Email and Korean phone number. It can be used to apply CBT qualification. But the price will be higher than those only veified Email. Regarding where you can buy this kind of account, you can search terms "Tree of Savior KR Account". If you want to know where I bought this kind of account, pleave a comment.

Download Tree Of Savior KR CBT3 Client

The CBT3 client is not available to download now. Regarding the exact pre-download date, I will update here. For those accounts got CBT1 and CBT2 qualification own the qualification to play CBT3 too. In case of instal failed, please delete previous client, download latest client from TOS official website
Download TOS KR CBT3 Client: Update here soon.
Tree Of Savior KR CBT3
Tree Of Savior KR CBT3


Actually, the key is to get TOS KR account. After got account, you have to check whether the account is available to play TOS CBT3.You can check some English info here if you don't know Korean language. Because some Nexon accounts didn't make international access that you can't login with foreign IP. You can try to use Korea VPN to fix it. If you get high ping, maybe VPN will help you. Because I am living in China, I can't access Nexon website. I can only visit it with VPN. If you are in the same situation as me, why not try trial VPN account with Korean VPN server. The trial account is "vpnu", click here to get its password. Are you ready to play TOS korean server? As I know, many players are waiting its OBT, so am I.

Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Download And Play MapleStory 2 Korean Server

MapleStory 2 Korea server entered open beta phase on July 7. Nexon want to make sure every player can play this game on July 7 that allow players to download the open beta client on May 29, create character at 7pm on May 31th. But this game is only available to play by Korean residents for requiring to register with Korean KSSN and phone. Currently, Korean server of MS2 is the only one server. If players want to play this game, Korean server is the only choice. If you are wondering how to download and play MapleStory 2 Korean server, hope this article will be helpful for you. 

Get One Verified Korean Nexon Account

The key is to get one verified Korean Nexon account. If you can't, there is no need to read paragphs as following. If you have Korean friends, you can ask them to create one to you. If not, the only way is to buy. Many websites are selling this kind of account. Generally, there are two kinds of account. One is pro account. The price is about $20 per month. Seller can provider re-verify phone number. But you have to pay for it every month. It is a little expensive. Another is general account. The price is about $15 for one permanent account. But unable to re-verify phone number. 99% MS2 players choose to buy general account. Generally, second reverification is rarely appear. If you are interested in purchasing verified KR nexon account, check top rated 2 sellers for MS2 KR account as follows: 
Logged In Verified KR Nexon Account
Logged In Verified KR Nexon Account

Download MapleStory 2 Korean Client

It is very easy to download MS2 KR client. Every players can download client from There are two options. You can click any one to download. Please check your computer feature before starting download client.
Maplestory 2 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / 7
Processor: Intel from 3GHz or equivalent AMD family
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 8GB of free Space
Video Card: hader Model 3.0 GeForce 6800GT with 256 MB of RAM / ATI X800 with 256 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0c
Download MapleStory 2 Korean Client
Download MapleStory 2 Korean Client

Start to Play MapleStory 2 Korean Server

After got verified Nexon account and downloaded MS2 Korean client, then login the account, click "Game Start" button to launch game. If you are living in China, you can't visit Nexon website without Korea VPN. As I know, Nexon is not available to reash in Some countries. Regarding the details, sorry, I  don't know. Anyway, If you can't visit or log in with your account. Please try to connect to Korea VPN. Because the interneational access of some accounts had been disabled that you can't login with yours real IP. Please take note the two tips as below if you can't launch game or login.
  • Please use Internet Explorer browser to launch game. Most of Korean games are only compatiable with IE browser.
  • If you can't login or lauch game, try to connect to Korean VPN.
Maybe this Korea VPN Will Be Helpful: This VPN service is the best Korea VPN ever used. If you just want to take a try, you can use its trial version, it is free. Get trial VPN account and password. Please login with "vpnu" not "vpnc" account. I don't know whether it will be helpful for ping or not. Anyone tried it can leave comment to tell me.
Start to Play MapleStory 2 Korean Server
Start to Play MapleStory 2 Korean Server


After read this class, whether this article is good for you. In one word, what you have to do is getting verified Nexon account. This is the point. Then all the things will be fine. Are you looking for ways to play MS2 KR server? Why not check here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How To Play Kantai Collection On Android Phone/Tablet

Kantai Collection (abbreviated as KanColle) is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game. It is the most popluared browser game in Japan. Many players are looking for ways to play Kancolle on android phone/tablet. So am I. There are two ways I got to play Kancolle on android based devices. But the point is to get Japan VPN connected on device. Because DMM website is not able to access outside of Japan. All players who are living outside of Japan can't visit DMM for foreign IP address. So get connected to Japan VPN is the point. I have wrote guidance about how to play Kancolle on PC. You can refer to the guidance to play it in Windows. I will show you how to play Kancolle on android devices in following paragphs.

Play Kancolle On Android With Japan VPN

I have stated the website is unable to access without Japan VPN. So the point is to get Japan VPN on your devices. Suggest you to buy VPN to keep connected all the day. Check tutorial as follows to setup VPN on android. If you want to use trial VPN service, you can to check details at
How To Setup PPTP VPN On Android
How To Setup L2TP VPN On Android

Connected to Japan VPN On Android

Play Kancolle Via Android Browsers - Firefox vs Dolphin Browser

 We must find browser which support Flash player. I have wrote guidance about play Touken Ranbu on Dolphin browser. You can reference to the tutorial here. It is the same to make Kancolle via Firefox and Dolphin browser. So please read the tutorial step by step.

Play Kancolle Via Teamviewer

 Play Kancolle via Teamviewer. You can install Teamviewer on PC and android.Then use android device to control PC. So you must the ineternet on PC is well. And you must find way to unlock Kancolle on PC. The solution is Japan VPN. I have listed the tutorial above to play Kancolle on PC, please look into that article. Obviously, it is a good way to play Kancolle without ban.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How To Play Touken Ranbu On Mac OS X

Touken Ranbu is a new DMM browser game from Nitroplus, involving personified sword bishounen. Some players are looking for ways to play this game on multiple OS. Such as Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. I have wrote tutorials about how to play Touken Ranbu on android Phone or Tablet and PC. I will paste the guidnace links later. Actually, the key is to get Japan VPN connected on your devices. The key to play Touken Ranbu on Mac OS X from abroad, so we must have Japan VPN which can be configured on Mac OS X.

* Don't forget to install Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player

Configure Japan VPN On Mac OS X To Play Touken Ranbu

If you have had Japan VPN, just go ahead to setup Japan VPN on your Mac. If you don't have Japan VPN, you can try out with FlyVPN trial VPN account and password for free. But 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day. If you think the perfermance is good, you can buy its permium account of Shared IP VPN plan, check VPN price. Let me show you how to get Japan VPN trial on Mac OS X to play Touken Ranbu.
Options 1
Access to create an account, then follow the tutorial for setting up VPN on Mac to install Japan VPN connections.
Options 2
Go to "System Preferences" - "Network" - "+". The follow the guidance to setup PPTP/L2TP VPN on Mac.
Username: vpnu or vpnc
Password: Click here to check latest password for trial VPN account.
Check Japan VPN server address in trial accounts.
How To Setup PPTP VPN On Mac OS
How To Setup L2TP VPN On Mac OS

Once connected on Japan VPN, you can play Touken Ranbu on Mac from abroad.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Revelation CN Enter Half OBT Phase On May 22, 2015

Revelation CN(Tianyu)experienced 3 times CBT before enter Half OBT phase. Actually, Activated players can play this game without code any more. For those inactivated players, they can only play this game until OBT phase. The Revelation CN half OBT just was starting today at 2pm UTC+8. A high numbers of players would like to play Tianyu that most of players have to line up for half an hour. Hope this game will be enter into OBT phase in summer. Most of players wait this game for a long time. Fortunately, this game is free-to-play. Most of players can register account by themselves with Email. Though they don't know Chinese, then can use Google translate to understand those webpages.

Lining up. There are about 5309 players before you.

If you will play this game when it enters OBT phase. You have to preaparea Chian VPN. Because the speed of Chinese intenet network is not very good. Most of players will get high ping. So China VPN is your choice to readuce ping. There are two main ISP of Chinese games' server. One is China Telecom, another is China Unicom. Please connect to the right ISP of China VPN server to get into game's server. For example, you want to play 中国电信01 server, so you must select China proxy server of China telecom. I think FlyVPN is the best China VPN provider. Because it is providing more than 30 China VPN servers in its shared IP plan. The ISP of those VPN servers are China Telecom and China Unicom. Let us check its China VPN server list of FlyVPN shared IP plan. BTW it is providing some China VPN servers in trial account. You can check its trial VPN account and password on
China VPN Servers List Of FlyVPN
China VPN Servers List Of FlyVPN
Many players are playing Revelation CN half OBT. Are you so lucky too? If you get high ping during play Chinese online games, connect to China VPN now to fix lag.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Some Tips To Play Japanese Version Of Black Desert Outside Japan

Black Desert OBT Japanese server was released on May 8, 2015. There are only 2 servers of Black Desert now. The thrid server is in CBT1. It is  russia server. Because it is difficult to get Korean KSSN that most of guys can't get verified BD OBT KR account. More and more player are planning to play BD Japense server. So I want to write some tips for those players who want to play the server outside of Japan. The first tool you have to do is connected on Japan VPN Server to unlock Black desert Japanese official website is unable to access from abroad. Also there are other tips you can get like how to install English Patch, download client, type Japanese captcha and so on.

How To Access BD JP Official Website From Abroad

 If you are not living in Japan, you can't visit BD JP official website We can only connect to Japan VPN to unlock this website.
VPN Gate
SoftEther VPN
Among the three VPN providers, FlyVPN is a paid VPN with free trial VPN accounts, other two are free VPNs. If you are not good at computer, suggest you to use FlyVPN. It is simple and easy to use. Regarding other two, you can explorer by yourself.
Please take note not all Japan VPN will work for unlock the website. PMANG Japan blocked some VPN servers' IP that thought you have got Japanese IP address and you can't reach BD Japanese website.
* Only Japan 12 and Japan 13 server of FlyVPN can access Others Japanese servers are not able to access ths website. If you want to use the two Japan VPN server, buy Fly VPN Shared IP VPN plan. Check VPN price now.
Unlocked Black Desert Japanese Website With FlyVPN Japan 12 Server
Unlocked Black Desert Japanese Website With FlyVPN Japan 12 Server

How To Create Japanese Black Desert Account

 You can refer this tutorial to create Japanes Black Desert account or link social network account like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to your BD accounts. It is very easy to create account via socail network. Then select your birth date, then follow the guidances step by step. Finally, you have to bypass captcha step on
Japanese Keyboard tool:

How To Download Japanese Black Deset Client

Players can download BD Japanese client from The full client is 1.8GB. Please visit the download webpage with Internet Explorer browser(incompatiable with Chrome, Firefox, Safari...). Once installed, click the yellow gold button to start to download game client.
Download Japanese Black Deset Client
Download Japanese Black Deset Client

How To Launch BD JP Game

 After login your account, click Game Start button on
Launch BD JP Game
Launch BD JP Game

Can We use English Patch?

 Yeah. Players can download English Patch from here for BD Japanese client.