Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Setup Free VPN On iPod

If you are using apple products and want to setup vpn on iPod.Please read this article.After setting vpn on iPod,Unlock Facebook,Twitter,Skype,YouTube On ipod is so easy.VPN on ipod is simplest way to connect the world and hide ip.When you are using public wifi.Also it can protect yourselves data safely.

Tutorial-How to setup free vpn on iPod

1st: Use safari to open .if you are living in China.Please refer .
Free USA VPN On iPod

2nd: Register an account. type into username,password,And email.
Setup VPN On iPod

3rd: Click "Free Trial" button,Every ip can use free trial account three times,one hour per day.Once disconnected,Please wait five minutes and connect it again.
Free Trial VPN For iPod

4th: Then click"Free Trial VPN"To get trial servers.
Free Trial VPN Servers

5th: Choose the server you want to connect.US,UK,Russia,Vietnam,Singapore,Germany,Malaysia Servers are listed in it.Then click "setup all selected"
Setup Free VPN On iPod

Setup Free US VPN On iPod

6th:Click " install" and then click "Done" .Setup vpn on iPod successfully.
Setup VPN On iPod

7th: Activate vpn: iPod > Setting > VPN,then click "Connect",Connect VPN successfully.

This tutorial is also available on iPhone,iTouch. If you are looking for ways to setup vpn on iTouch,iPhone.Please refer the article.

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