Thursday, May 14, 2015

Best South Korea VPN for KR Nexon Online Games

Nexon Co., Ltd. is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play (F2P) PC and mobile online games. Nexon was founded in Seoul in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song, Nexon's headquarters is currently located in Tokyo, Japan. KR Nexon is running many games like DOTA, MapleStory, Closers, Sudden Attack, Elsword, Counter Striker Online, Cyphers, Tree of Savior, Kritika... Millions of players like to play those games' korea server for updating fastest or there isn't local server in their countries. But as I know, almost all Korea game websites require to login with verified KSSN/iPin account that we can't easily access Korea online games. The Fox Out-Foxed. Some people are selling verified KR game account, you can search in Google. I think you will find the solution. Players get lag/ping/latency for playing those KR games from abroad. Even worse, some games block IP. Anyway, we can find way to solve ping and IP ban. The solutin is Korea VPN. There are two kinds of Korea VPN in the market. One is shared Korea VPN, it means that many guys are using the server, maybe with the same IP as you. Another is dedicated Korea VPN, it means that you will get specific Korea IP for yourself, other guys can't own the same IP address as you. For those Korean online games with serious IP ban policy, suggest you to buy dedicated Korea VPN. There are many Korea VPN providers around the world. Which one is the best and which one should we pick?
We should pick one VPN service provider with multiple Korea VPN servers not only 1 or 2. Perferablely, those servers support PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN. Because some internet networks block PPTP/L2TP ports that some people can't connected on VPN. Finally, if the performance is not good, you can get money back or providing free trial version to test ping. I am using FlyVPN. It is the best game VPN for me. I would like to play Korean and Chinese online games. Its performance are perfect. Let me introduce some details on FlyVPN.
  • 16 Shared Korea VPN server in its shared IP plan. Offering dedicated Korea VPN plan too.
  • 30 days money back guarantee for orders paid via PayPal and Payza. 
  • Allow to test some Korea VPN servers with its trial VPN account. Please login "vpnu" to test Korea server. Another one trial account "vpnc" doesn't include Korea server in it.
16 Shared Korea VPN server in FlyVPN Shared IP Plan
16 Shared Korea VPN server in FlyVPN Shared IP VPN Plan
If you want to test its Korea VPN first before investing money. Ahead to to download client, then install and run it. Input trial username and password according to the info listed on FlyVPN trial webpage. Please note the trial verison can only last 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.
Trial Korea VPN Servers in FlyVPN Test Account "vpnu"
Trial Korea VPN Servers in FlyVPN Test Account "vpnu"

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